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Save Our Pension – Notice from Brad Eggen, TCMU President

IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION SAVE OUR PENSION It is my honor to serve as the independent Retiree Representative for the retirees and beneficiaries of the American Federation of Musicians and Employers Pension Fund. The Fund is made up of AFM union trustees and employers for Broadway shows, symphony orchestras, opera, and chamber groups, recording labels, […]

Minnesota Covid-19 Guidelines

The Governor’s office has created a web site containing a wealth of information about how to protect yourself and your business against the spread of the Coronavirus. The information is updated there on a regular basis, changes without notice; also there are multiple pages with pertinent information. Therefore, rather than post the actual content here, […]

Count Every Vote!

The Twin Cities Musicians Union joins the AFL-CIO to demand that every vote be counted in this and every election. Ballots that were lawfully received count just as much as in-person ballots cast on election day. No one gets to decide whether to suspend counting because they don’t like the trends. Here are some small […]

Where to go for a Covid-19 test

In case you need a Covid-19 test, you may be wondering where you can go. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list from the State of Minnesota. As far as we know, if you have health insurance, tests for Covid-19 are supposed to be 100% covered by your health policy.

US Treasury Staff Will Recommend Denying the AFM-EPF’s MPRA Ap

Plan’s Trustees and Actuaries Dispute Treasury Staff’s Conclusions In December 2019, the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF, the Plan) filed an application with the U.S. Treasury Department to reduce benefits under the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA) in an attempt to save the Plan and avoid insolvency (running out of money). […]

Returning To Work Safely

AFM members may have already received this in an email from President Ray Hair, but in case you missed it, here are current guidelines for workplace safety issued by the AFM. If you go to the website in the below link, you will see a button to click in order to download a PDF copy […]

Michael Osterholm on COVID-19 and the Arts

Here is an article from MINNPOST, who interviewed Michael Osterholm about COVID-19 and the Arts. A quote from the article: “Osterholm emphasized that air, not the environment (meaning surfaces we touch), plays the key role in transmitting COVID-19. We know that droplets can carry the virus, but it can also be in particles suspended in […]